7 Things Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You


In this day and age, where Netflix-in-bed type people spend half of their day indulging in their bedrooms, watching one season after the day, you should consider yourself lucky if you are urged to take time out for yourself. Millions of us rely on personal trainers for their experience to help us in battling the bulge. But if you get stuck with an unreliable trainer who doesn’t keep your best interests in mind, then it’s very likely that your fitness progress will get thrown off. Enlisted below is a list of tips your person trainer isn’t telling you!

To your PT, His Clients Aren’t Equal

The amount you pay to your personal trainers is directly proportional to the way they treat you. If you’re a high-end customer who pays a lot of money to his or her personal trainer, then you might be aware of the fact that your personal trainer can’t afford to lose you. That should explain their upbeat and helpful behavior.

You Need To Change Your Eating Habits To Complement Your Workout healthy-eating

Personal trainers provide us with a set of exercises that we should do in order to achieve our goal of becoming lean. Where they most commonly fall short is when it comes to changing our diet according to our workout routine. Let me explain it to you this way: if you work out for 20 minutes and burn 300 calories then treat yourself to a candy bar that consists of 450 calories, then all your hard work goes down the drain. Due to lack of knowledge, most of us take uninformed decisions that are bad for us.

My Certification Won’t Tell You If I Am Good Enough

There are multiple organizations that offer training to become a certified personal trainer but there is no measurement of the fact that if your personal trainer is really competent or not. A wise move, in this case would be to go for a coach who has a college degree in physical education or some sort of reliable credentials.

The Fact That I Have Trained Celebrities May Not Mean Much To You

People usually get impressed by the famous people a personal trainer has trained. It may not mean much to you because the stars that a coach has trained don’t have similar goals as you do. What is important is to look for recommendations from people who have goals that one way or the other match with yours.

You Can’t Target A Particular Area On Your Body

yoga-poseIf you’re looking to shed fat from a particular field from your body like maybe your arms, then you’d actually have to get really lean overall before your start getting rid of fat from a certain part of your body. There are body parts from which burning fat is quite challenging.

Muscle Comes Later

Initially, if you’re a lucky one and have hired a trainer who’s capable, then your first session will be a discovery class where your instructor evaluates your body and its limitations. This step is crucial if you want a program to be tailored specifically towards your body needs. After this step, you can move on to the basics.

We “Cheat” Too

If you think your personal trainer doesn’t eat unhealthy food or things that he forbids you from consuming, then you need to think again. Trainers are too concerned about what their clients think about them, so they just omit such details and let you believe that they never go off track and eat processed, refined and unhealthy food.

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